Our Mission

Provide the most reliable & secure freemium automated trading robot on leverage exchanges in the cloud, for everyone.

Our Story

Scavenger Bot was started by a group of automated trading enthusiasts that have been using multiple automated trading robots in the Cryptocurrency space since 2017. When the market sentiment changed in 2018 we noticed a huge opportunity on leverage exchanges and wanted automated strategies that worked on these high leverage exchanges but there was nothing available. This is when we started developing Scavenger Bot privately with the intention to make a bot that members of the CryptoGnome community could use. We are at the point where we have a working product with over 1000 users! However we don’t feel its anywhere where it needs to be and have many UI & code changes that we are working on in the background to help improve the bot as well as expand into other exchanges and coins.

Why We Need You

We are at a bottleneck with development as we have the BEST developers but need just a little money so we can get them working on the project Full-Time. There are just to many things we need to get done and not enough hours in the day to get them done quickly unless we have our guys working on Scavenger Bot full-time.

Our Goal

We hope with your help we will be able to pay our developers enough to cover their day to day expenses so they can work on the project Full-Time. Catch up on our roadmap and get at least 2 major releases done by Q2 2019.

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Risks and challenges

The biggest risk that we face is something happening on the exchange with one of the exchanges we are developing on. Other risks would include not hitting road-map dates, or any other catastrophic event to the project that would halt development.

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